Professional road marking machine with proven airless striping technology: the Everest line striper, with a compact and robust structure, is available in a self-propelled version with piston pump to suck the product directly from the useful 50 l gravity tank.

This line marking equipment is designed for professional striping contractors to mark road and all surfaces quickly with filtered airless paint to reach defined lines at the first pass.


  • Big size marking -maintenance – painting jobs
  • Head control advanced automatic marking
  • Intuitive use by the operator
  • Double line continuous, dashed or mixed in one color
  • Defined lines with width from 5 to 30 cm
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle with reduced vibrations
  • Front tiller with 360° pivot wheel and directional locking
  • Pneumatic wheels Ø 400 mm. Ease of movement and stability guarantee
  • Speed application and better quality atomization
  • Reduced overspray and save of product
  • Easy of use and less maintenance

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Additional information

Max. supply pressure

220 bar

Max. delivery

9 l/min

Potenza motore Yamaha

12,8 HP

Capacità deposito vernice airless

Serbatoio a gravità 50 l




350 Kg

Il modello include

Filtro con manometro – Tubo di ricircolo – Asta telescopica lampeggiante – Faro di lavoro – Pedana porta operatore – Compensatore di colpi a pistone – Valigetta attrezzi

The Everest Th model includes filter with pressure gauge, recirculation hose, working light, flashing telescopic rod, footboard kit, piston accumulator and tools box.

  • Airport
  • Public and private areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports circuits
  • External facades
  • Galleries and tunnels
  • Outdoor and underground parking
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Cycle paths
  • Roads / Highways
  • Single component airless paint – water/solvet not refractive
  • Airless hose Ø 1/4″ – M16X1,5 inlet swivel – 15 m Code LA18026
  • AT250 manual airless spray gun – M16X1,5 inlet swivel + Nozzle holder Code LA11200
  • AT250 manual airless spray gun – M16X1,5 inlet swivel Code LA11210
  • LA96 automatic airless spray gun – M16X1,5 inlet swivel + Nozzle holder Code LA11701
  • LA96 automatic airless spray gun – M16X1,5 inlet swivel Code LA11708
  • Europe airless nozzle holder 11/16″ W Code LA18270
  • Super Fast Clean airless nozzles. Size from 11-20 to 51-80 Code LASFC
  • Top Spraying Clean airless nozzles. Size from 7-10 to 31-60 Code LATSC
  • 50 l gravity tank Code LA18240
  • 50 l gravity tank + cover Code LA18245
  • 50 l gravity tank + cover + basket Code LA18241
  • 11 l gravity tank + glass beads diffuser hose Code LA4500
  • Operator foot board Code LA26000
  • Seat kit Code LA4720
  • Piston accumulator Code LA4756
  • 11 l gravity tank+ 1 diffuser hose + 1 glass beads manual spray gun kit Code LA18359
  • 11 l gravity tank+ 2 diffuser hoses + 2 glass beads manual spray guns kit Code LA18354
  • 11 l gravity tank+ 2 diffuser hoses + 2 glass beads automatic spray guns kit Code LA4405/3
  • Laser pointer kit Code LA4038
  • Working light kit Code LA4506
  • Flashing telescopic rod kit Code LA4507

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