A professional efficient range of road marking machines with an airless technology, petrol or battery powered, available in push or self-propelled versions with a piston or diaphragm pump on board.

The performing airless road marking machines joins product performance with operator needs and allow marking and maintenance of all types lines for flooring, highways, airfields, crossings pedestrian, bicycle paths, parking lots, squares and all that is required by the code of the

road in the field of horizontal sign age, guaranteeing perfect lines on different surface levels.

Airless technology provides high-pressure paint spray through airless nozzle of centimetre size versus traditional spraying allow pressure where the flow of paint is sprayed through the air supply.

  • Defined marking lines
  • Line width from 5 cm to 30 cm
  • Reduced overspray
  • Quick drying
  • Save up the 30% of airless paint
  • Less vibration
  • Head Control system with automatic tracking (self-proppeled models)
  • Marking road signs and curves
  • Easy operation, cleaning and maintenance

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