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Verniciatura Industriale

Industrial painting

High pressure spray finishing equipment for airless paint applications.
Each pump guarantees a long cycle of use, saving of material and speed of spraying process.
Protective Coating

Protective coating

Sturdy and easy-to-handle high-pressure pneumatic pumps for protective and anti-corrosion coatings, capable of applying high-thickness quantities of product using one or more airless spray guns.
Pompaggio Di Fluidi Viscosi

Pumping of adhesives and viscous fluids

Double-effect pneumatic piston systems for aspiration, extrusion and transfer of highly viscous products for constant product delivery.
Trasferimento Circolazione Liquidi Fluidi

Transfer - circulation of fluids

Pneumatic transfer pumps for the management of industrial fluids. Equipment is available in a wide range of diaphragm or piston models with different capacities and sizes.
Impermeabillizzazione Rivestimenti

Waterproofing and Coatings

Robust and reliable professional sprayers for waterproofing and protecting surfaces. The equipment guarantees a constant flow rate of the material and a uniform thickness.
Segnaletica Stradale Orizzontale

Horizontal road signs

Professional airless road marking machines to achieve road marking, logistic marking and painting work quickly and with lasting results.

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