L100 – L101 Alluminum series.

Nozzle – air cape – needle kit included.

• Atex certified Ex II 2 G Ex h IIB T6 Gb

• Superior spray quality

• Uniform atomization

• Transfer efficiency and material saving

• Quick and easy installation

Additional information


L100 Alluminio – Ingressi laterali
L100 Alluminio – Ingressi laterali – Regolazione manuale
L101 Alluminio – Ingressi posteriori

Max. fluid pressure

7 bar

Max. fluid temperature

50 °C

Fluid contact material

Acciaio inox
Carburo di tungsteno
Fluoroelastomero resistente chimicamente

Ingresso fluido

L100 1/4" BSPP (M)
L101 1/8" BSPP (M)

Ingresso aria

Atomizzazione 1/4" BSPP – Tubo Ø 8×6 – Attacco rapido
Ventaglio 1/4" BSPP – Tubo Ø 8×6 – Attacco rapido
Apertura pistola 1/8" BSPP – Tubo Ø 8×6 – Attacco rapido

Max. air pressure

7 bar

Pressione attuazione minima

3 bar

Max. pressione pneumatica cilindro

7 bar

Minima pressione apertura

3,5 bar

Pressione di lavoro consigliata

Max. atomizzazione aria 5 bar


L100 770 g
L101 900 g

  • Paint circulation
  • General industrial finishing
  • Woodworking and furniture
  • Metal working
  • Fixatives
  • Base coat
  • Lacquers
  • Primer
  • Enamels
  • Topcoat
  • Water based paints
  • Solvent based paints

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