The Dalì Cold injection pump designed to reach efficient interventions in the most common cold injections applications of heat-sensitive expanding resins or sealants, for restoration and consolidation.

The Dalì Cold model, with belt drive and cooling fan, is designed to ensure that the heat from the motor is not transmitted to the pump body, in this way the heat-sensitive resins do not catalyze inside the equipment . Cold injection prevents the creation of air bubbles or cracks that could cause sagging or shattering and saves machine operation.

The Dalì Cold injection equipment is easy to handle and the 6 l gravity tank allows the constant flow of viscous materials into the pump; the injection hose, complete with the tap, ensures an excellent maneuverability and an uniform product output.


  • Constant pressure during the injection process
  • Efficient material suction
  • Regular product delivery
  • Easy to use and less maintenance

Additional information

Consiglio utilizzo

Iniezione di resine e sigillanti sensibili al calore, al fine di non alterare la composizione chimica ed evitare che catalizzino all'interno dell'apparecchiatura.



Max. portata

4 l/min per pompante

Max. pressione di lavoro

220 bar

Potenza motore

1,1 Kw


220 VAC

Potenza minima motogeneratore

3 Kw Monofase

Livello pressione sonora

≤ 65 Db (A)


38 Kg Carrello

  • Cellars
  • Filling cracks and crevices
  • Galleries and tunnels
  • Ground walls
  • Hanging gardens
  • Joint between mansory and slab
  • Joint between masonry and foundations
  • Pit lifts
  • Pre-slabs
  • Soil stabilization
  • Underground boxes
  • Sealing gels
  • Hose Ø 3/16″ – M16X1.5 inlet swivel – 5 m – Max. pressure 220 bar Code LA6164
  • Complete tap Code LA33040
  • Ball valve 3/8″ – M10X1 outlet Code LA3034
  • Inlet swivel 3/8″ BSPP (M) – M10X1 Code LA21570
  • Complete 6 l gravity tank Code LA35101
  • High pressure gauge M16X1.5 – 0-400 bar Code LA147
  • Heater Code LA6099

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